“Haze”, diptych, 70×180 cm, oil >SOLD<
“Tonal Setting”, 50×80 cm, oil >SOLD<
“Transparent Surf”, 90×120 cm, oil -SOLD

Slow Morning, 90x140 cm, olie“Slow Morning”, 90×140 cm, oil – SOLD

Atlantic I, 100x150 cm, olie
“Atlantic I”, 100×150 cm, oil – SOLD

'Silent Blinding' - 80x140 cm, olie
“Silent Blinding”, 80×140 cm, oil    >SOLD<

After The Setting, 50x80 cm, olie
“After The Setting”, 50×80 cm, oil.  -SOLD

Cooling Off, 25x50 cm, olie-papir_small
“Cooling Off”, 25×50 cm, oil on paper.

Early Morning Swim, 80x100 cm, olie
“Early Morning Swim”, 80×100 cm, oil – SOLD

In The Morning, 50x80 cm, olie
“In The Morning”, 50×80 cm, oil.   >SOLD<

Rocky Backlight, 20x30 cm, olie_small
“Rocky Backlight”, 20×30 cm, oil – SOLD

Trio, 20x20 cm, akryl
“Trio”, 20×20 cm, acrylics on canvas – SOLD

Another Language, 100x150 cm, olie_small

“Another Language”, 100×150 cm, oil – SOLD

Available through www.kbhkunst.dk
“Looking Back Into Tomorrow” 40×60 cm, oil on linen – SOLD

“Translucent Memory II”, 60x80x4,5 cm, oil on wooden box. Also available as  50×60 cm art print. – ORIGINAL SOLD

“Blinding”, app. 30×40 cm, oil on paper. Also available as 50×60 cm art print. ORIGINAL SOLD

“Yearning For That Shallow Water Experience”, 80×100 cm, oil on linen.

Available through www.kbhkunst.dk 
“Late August Winds”, 60×130 cm , oil on linen – SOLD

30×30 cm, oil on paper – SOLD

Available through www.kbhkunst.dk
“Green Barrel”, 40×60 cm, oil on linen. – SOLD