The nature in us is about to disappear. We are far from our origin and have almost forgotten, that we are still just creatures on planet Earth.

To me, we seek nature for the same reason. Because we need it. We go out into it, we walk in it, trek in it, we sit, tend our gardens, we love and die in it. We travel to beautiful places and take photos, we pick or buy flowers and put them in vases, fill our homes with more or less artificial nature, but nevertheless nature.

We have a something called Outdoor Living, we’ve gone from way of life to lifestyle. We fence in the nature, call it National Parks, with staff and opening hours, we have green spots we call recreative areas. We fight off Nature with one hand and tend it carefully with the other.

In our technological era, everything is going faster. Our modern societies demand more and more from us, to the extent where our heads are no longer attached to our bodies. The task of everyday life has shifted from manual work to mental work, we plan ahead, we’re efficient, we’re less and less present in our own lives.

In contact with nature, we feel the head being reattached to our bodies, we feel ourselves, become whole. We find solutions, answers. Our too often stressed everyday life, becomes contrasted by the serenity of the enormous silence and space and maybe a greater timeless significance. Yearning, I call it.

I try to rediscover the sensations, paths and places which we can walk, to look for and maybe find the meaning of it all for a while. Not in the paintings, but in ourselves.

Our inner spaces.

Niels Valentin, 2018